Gio Cadelina

Team Member

Born in Manilla, Philippines Gio has always been surrounded by family in the hospitality industry. As a young man he assisted his mother with her bakery business. He worked his way through high school washing dishes and busing tables. The first Outback restaurant in Asia opened in Manilla and Gio was on the opening team. Working his way up to trainer he was sent to open other franchises in Singapore and Hong Kong. Looking for a change in 2000 he moved to Japan for 4 years and then the MGM in Macao. WOW!!

In 2010 the biggest move yet came when Gio decided to come to Canada. He spent the first 9 years working with the close-knit team at the Diplomat and then joined our family in 2019. He was awarded Employee of the Year in 2019 and has become that friendly, generous, and welcoming face that awaits your arrival at Pickle Jar.